Soweto Adrenaline Combo Tour

A Soweto tour combined with the exciting Orlando Power Swing and Bungi

The Hector Peterson Memorial. The now famous image of a young man holding a dying, young schoolboy in his arms, as his hysterical sister runs besides him screaming. This photograph epitomised the pain and suffering South Africa endured and dominated the recent 25th anniversary of the Soweto uprising when South Africa's black youth challenged the white apartheid government in 1976 . (45min stop)

A drive by the Mandela Family House, for a photo opportunity, entrance optional (~R60), then across to Vilikazi Street - which is the only street in the world that houses 2 Nobel Prize winners - Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu. (15 min tour)

We drive by the Regina Mundi Cathedral.

We also take a further 25 min guided tour through one of the historically rich suburbs of Soweto and interact with some of the locals.


It doesn’t end there... and this is only for the brave and adventurous! We take an adrenaline turn to the Orlando Power Station which has been transformed into one of South Africas top hotspots within historical Soweto.

The towers offer you the first ever swing between two cooling stations in the in the world - a dizzy 100m up from the ground! And they're not just any towers! They were originally built for the Orlando Power Station which was the most advanced facility in the Southern hemisphere in its day. Although the station is no longer in operation, you can still FEEL THE POWER!!! (Swings, bungee and absailing are at your own cost and risk. Prices begin at around R350)

Tour Information
Tour Cost:R490.00 per person
Entrance FeesIncluded
Activity FeesR 360 to R 450
Duration5 - 6 hours
NOTEsubject to availability